RCGP Council Meeting Nov 2020

RCGP Members can access minutes here:

The third Zoom based RCGP Council meeting but the first full length one. 

Council was officially opened with confirmation of the officer board including Dr Martin Marshall as chair after observing a minute for deceased members and noting recent Queens honours. 

Welcome and Chair report by Martin Marshall with explanation of process and reason for this Council meeting, follow announcements on Twitter here

An explanation by Hon Sec Victoria Tzortziou-Brown on the Zoom process and how functions will work. Interestingly the chat was disabled to mirror previous council meetings which is a departure from previous meetings. I disagree with this as a principle of negating the benefit virtual meetings can offer. 

Approval of standing orders and apologies for absences, DOI and IG and welcome of first time faculty reps, other seats and observers.

Chair general announcements

Prof Martin Marshall outlined key issues relating to COVID and the work of several members of council. Also that this meeting did contain several confidential items which he apologised for but outlined the need for security and pragmatism.  

This was followed by a confidential item relating to the last council meeting. 


Review of trustee board minutes

Confidential item. 

COO report

Various aspects including recent elections and COVID, including current staffing changes were discussed. 

The issue of the cost of the annual conference was raised with an aim described to be cost neutral. It was raised repeatedly the issue of cost and fairness with the change of method of the conference. DOI as someone who runs online conferences I must admit the cost can be justified pending the content and platform capacity. 

Honorary Fellowship paper

Confidential report

Route to Membership

Confidential paper on how non members can become members (not via normal route through MRCGP)

A vision for Fellowship

Confidential report

Lunch time

RCGP 3 year international plan

Confidential report

Relationship based care

This paper was brought back after being deprioritised in the wake of COVID as one of the three priorities of the RCGP. 

I spoke on the paper in relation to remote consultations, particularly that the evidence of how we currently use remote consultations is not available in post-COVID and also the impact on the combination of consultation types rather than looking at them as an individual element. 

Further discussion led to the paper being reviewed. 

COVID Update

An update on the college efforts and webinars were given. Questions about the moonshot programme, empowering and informing patients on the vaccination and the challenges that General Practice has faced were discussed.

Motion from Members: Appraisal by Dr Margaret McCartney and Dr Carter Singh

Confidential Paper

I did speak on this paper

I then left the council meeting at this time due to it over-running at this stage by an hour. 

Next RCGP council meeting Feb 2021

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