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Primary Care and Health Tech News Blast ep 1

Primary Care and Health Tech News Blast ep 1

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Hello eGPlearners, in this news update- covering the big stories for primary care over the past week including a really valuable resource to analysing appointment usage at the end.

Lets tech-enhance your primary care

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Let us start GP IT shake-up by Matt Hancock – GP IT Futures framework move data to cloud so by 2024 all patients can access GP services digitally to support health tech, with practices able to offer online or video consultations. S1 and EMIS market leaders EMIS X already announced how will others respond? Switching providers Outdated IT – IE 8…

Boots UK acquires Wiggly-Amps – change in delivery and better tech interface – take on Pharmacy2u and others with online consultations.…

Test your breath to check cancer

A pilot in primary care +at Owlstone Medical practice to use Breath Biopsy to check for unstable molecules as part of 2y trial lung cancer a likely focus but possibly others.…


The Government rule out exempting GPs from SARs MP Margot James feels would weaken the rights of patients However the increase in the number of requests is fuelled by Lawyers who make a profit from fewer costs Significant workload increase- not mirrored by other organisations like gas/ banks etc no guidance on excessive req no one wants to be the test case for ICO…

DNA (Did not attend)

Big story of the week possible £200m saved 1 in 20 Cost of £30 an apt PSSRU- not paid by the individual but a cost to the system Variety reasons, sometimes can’t be helped The overall cost to the system as a buffer sometimes it just nice- chaos and a break…

NHS Digital GP practice data hub – area, time to apt, which healthcare professional, apt type ie f2f/tele…

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