MobiMOOC week 2

Wow what a week

The MOOC work is ticking along, so many ideas, thoughts and random craziness, have to admit struggling a little to keep on top of it, however think I am now navigating link after link.

In the group was a great post by Tita about experiences with interacting in a MOOC and my own little rant is at the bottom, take a look


Our ‘task’ for the week was to look at our own mlearning projects, so:

1.Define your objectives:

I want a mobile project to look at how we can improve mdical profession use, and specifically GP use of mobile learning methods to engage with CPD.

I want to be able to have created a simple method for medics to interact with mobile CPD in realtime, either via links to existing services or creation of new ones if others not fit for purpose.

I would have met my goals if we see an increase in real-time mlearning occurring, with improved links via revalidation and appraisal outcomes.

Evaluation by inplace surveys and focus group resources.


2. define your audience

Primarily aimed at post graduate medical professionals with a particular focus on GPs.

User support in terms of accessing information and if creation of a new product, appropriate support in place.


3. define your budget

At present in the planning stages, likely funds mainly my time (research project), conferencing abilities (Skype most likely) and assistance from colleagues in terms of students and peers. Plans for applications for funding in progress.


4. Identify your Instructional strategies.

At present the group is traditionally digital natives, so interaction is limited, however some resources available in terms of networking, and group dynamics.

It is aimed at supporting current informal learning assessts as based on self directed learning spurred by appraisal requirements. The plan is to use existing commercial and institutional content, but allow development of individual content for use by communities or practice via small to medium enterprise (SME) ie GP practice.

The content is held and maintained by the institutions and distributed via links or signposting to further peer reviewed resources.


5.  Identify your stakeholders

Main stakeholders are GPs in preparation for appraisal. To be successful will need appropriate guidance on using mlearning, resources both hardware, and software, as well as methods for integrating into informal learning methods.


6. Identify the technology.

Provision of service being looked into by a European call, types of technology looking at smartphone/tablet/netbook use, as well as a web portal for in clinic use, however restricted by web service as most computer systems limited to IE6. Content needs to be easily linked into an appraisal format either by exporting or printed means, secure for encryption, and of a simple interface as increased content or ‘business’ likely to disengage stakeholders.

7. determine Intellectual Property

Owned by partnership of technology groups looking at providing service.


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