How can you get the most out of MS Teams when working in Primary Care and the NHS? Watch this walkthrough guide with all the tips you need

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Join Andy, Gandhi, and Matt as we show you how to use MS Teams as a GP for your practice team or primary care network. 

In this episode: 

How to Register with MS Teams:

00:35 How to join a team

08:55 How to create a team

02:50 Files storage and collaborative document workflow

05:15 How to use the wiki function

06:10 Adding apps and websites to your teams

09:00 How to create a team for NHS workers in MS Teams

12:40 The different tools available

12:45 Chat vs Teams – what is the difference?

13:10 What are channels?

14:10 The calls function and video calling

14:30 What is the files section?

14:50 Teams vs Channels – what is the difference for primary care?

16:45 How do I tag someone and why is it important?

20:00 Notifications

21:55 Video calling in MS Teams

23:40 Outlook vs MS Teams Calendar

25:00 The command bar – super users look here. 

25:55 The Planner function and how to use it

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How to use MS Teams for General Practice

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