GP Bingo

GP Bingo – the general practice game

Do you want a fun game in general practice to help keep the gloom of winter away?

Do you want to have a chance to win some limited edition prizes and focus on your well-being in practice?

Try GP Bingo

GP Bingo
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To get the green card use the link below. For the yellow and red cards sign up to the eGPlearning mailing list below.

Rules of GP Bingo:

  • Track for up to 30 days.
  • Share on either Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn and make sure you tag @eGPlearning with your completed card by 31.12.19.
  • Entries with no tags or after 31.12.19 will not be counted.
  • Earliest to complete wins the prize, one for the Green Flag card and one for the Yellow Flag card. 
  • If a tie DrGandalf will choose.
  • Relying on your probity to prevent any cheating – all prizes at the discretion of DrGandalf


Green Flag:

Choice of either a limited edition eGPlearning VR viewer or GP Bingo mug

Yellow Flag:

Both a limited edition eGPlearning VR Viewer and a GP Bingo mug and £30 gift voucher.

Will you take on GP Bingo?

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