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Pilot – Sleepio, GDm app, news and interview with Dr Andy Foster

Welcome to a new resource and enjoy our Podblast…

As many of my eGPlearners know I am keen to facilitate technology-enhanced primary care learning.

This usually involves advice on various resources and methods that can be used or analysis of health tech/ primary care events.

With that in mind, I am keen to support all the eGPlearners out there with a new resource co-created with an eGPlearning regular – Dr Andy Foster in our eGPlearning PodBlast.

This PodBlast will explore new resources for primary care health tech, current news and regular interviews with health tech innovators.

The podcast format is free and easy listening with further support our show notes as below.

We hope you find this useful, spread the word and engage with us.


Introductions and declaration of interests

Dr Andrew Foster:

Dr Hussain Gandhi:

  • GP Partner Nottingham
  • Former Chair RCGP Vale of Trent Faculty
  • Treasurer GP Survival
  • Owner SystmOne Facebook User Group
  • Owner
  • Twitter – @DrGandalf52



GPatHand- Welcome improvement to access or cherry-picking healthy patients and destabilising General Practice?


Cancelled North West London CCG trial of Babylon AI symptom Checker



GP Partner with interests in general practice operating at scale and technology.

Leadership and other courses often available free of charge to GPs in East Midlands can be found at East Midlands Leadership Academy:


Innovative RCGP Vale of Trent Transitions 2017 day conference incorporating speed dating, showcase website, 360 video, presentation video and “Why GP, Why Vale of Trent” promotional video.

Event website –

Blog post re. Speed Job Dating –

NCGPA Reception Active Signposting training product and website –

Thanks for reading/listening, feel free to comment or share and look out for the next exciting episode

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