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Books to read as a New GP

Books to read as a New GP by Dr Kate King and DrGandalf

Welcome to GP training.

We hope you’re settled into your first posts and have worked out how to use the e-Portfolio.

This resource is a list of the top books to read as anew GP collated by Dr Kate King from the Academic Department of Military General Practice and will give you some alternative sources of learning for the early stages of your GP careers. Everything has been recommended by GP trainers and current ST2s and ST3s in Defence as well as DrGandalf of eGPearning.

Some things you may recognise, some things will be totally new; have a dip into the list and open your horizons about learning from somewhere other than NICE guidelines!

Enjoy and don’t forget the learning log entries when you finish!

Bad Science By Ben Goldacre.

Bad Science

This is one of those fascinating books that will make you laugh and teach you something as you read it. It has probably one of the easiest to understand statistics sections in it which is great for AKT revision. You’ll learn about the history behind the anti-vax brigade and why Andrew Wakefield was struck off; the “science” behind homeopathy and acupuncture and why anyone can call themselves a nutritionist. 

How to Read a Paper By Trish Greenhalgh.

How to read a paper

A classic for any medical training programme that is so good it keeps being updated and re-issued. You can work out how old your trainer is by how old their copy of this book is (Kate has a 2nd edition that is still in use). It is an approachable book that covers epidemiology and statistics in a manageable way. Brilliant to have by your side when reviewing an article for journal club, and a great resource for AKT revision. 

The House of God By Samuel Shem

Hose of God

If you haven’t read House of God then what have you been reading since you graduated?
Stop what you’re doing right now and get a copy. (But you can’t have DrGandalf’s signed copy!)

The book follows a young intern in his first year working in the Nixon era USA. It should be so different from life as a junior doctor in the UK today, but it really isn’t. The Laws of the House are important, especially that one that comes with mastery of General Practice, ‘the delivery of good medical care is to do as much nothing as possible’. This even fits in with your competency descriptors for making decisions & clinical management in your curriculum. 

Twas the Nightshift Before Christmas by Adam Kaye.

Twas the nightshift before Christmas

We have to admit to not actually having finished reading this yet (DrGandalf is 2/3 the way through it in a week already), but it’s November, its soon going to be Christmas, you’re all working the wards and EDs around the country so it seemed like a good suggestion for some festive cheer. If you’ve not read the first of Adam Kaye’s books This is Going to Hurt, then read that at the same time. It’s like House of God for UK junior doctors. You will cry, you will laugh, you will cringe—and it is all completely recognisable as what you’re living right now.

Hold on– keep plodding on—GP Land beckons—it gets better!

Miracle Morning By Hal Elrod.

The miracle Morning

Miracle morning talks about the process to try and make the most productive you. While the concept may seem hard, the process and pay off is worth the minor effort of reading the book and changing your life almost miraculously.

Hal Elrod has got a huge following of people dedicated to following his teaching so if this whets your appetite there’s a weekly podcast, an online course and even a Miracle Morning Movie! 

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time By Mark Haddon

The curious incident of the dog in the night-time

A mystery novel narrated by the main character who is a “mathematician with some behavioural difficulties”.

It’s a book about being an outsider trying to navigate through a world that doesn’t make sense to him. Haddon beautifully describes how the overwhelming over-stimulation of traveling to London causes his main character to be physically ill. 

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What do you think of this list of books to read as a new GP?

Have you seen our previous lists for after GP Training?

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Your feedback and additions are welcome, Contact either Dr Kate King or DrGandalf via Twitter.

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