BOMTTU bunfight…..the review!

So the BOMTTU bunfight came and went.
The DrGandalf journey began at the the top of snow hill. Descending its peak I Braved the harsh weather of middle midlands to arrive at the Old Stock and joint. Greeted by familiar faces and the hugging death grip of the Human Tourniquet the afternoon brought acquaintances old and new.

Ironically meeting the Blease was interesting. While communicating with JC the Red she was standing next to me talking with Jessica Rabbit aiming to contact me. Peering over onto my phone (nosey parker) she saw her image on my message to declare: DrGandalf?

And so the fellowship began. Our journey through the stocks brought many an interesting personage, from a woolly mammoth, a tablet girl, a mowhawk and a TED talker.

Finally came the time for us to brave middle midlands again. The journey was long and hard in our black stallion cab (3minutes) but we arrived at the One Bar meeting JC the Red and his family along with Nish the Bling and later the smilers, Mama and Nish Jnr and Lord High Tiko and his Lady. The fellowship almost complete we continued our journey to the fabled halls of JoJoLapa. Braving the dark corridors and winding staircases we arrived in the great hall where the younglings played while the fellowship conversed about important matters such as digital health, fallen comrades and which is truly better: penny perfect or locum organiser?

Finally the fellowship was complete with the arrival of the Webinar master. Poppadoms were broken, and the chutneys were comsumed.

Many important matters were discussed. The future of the Tiko world, they who shall not be named, the looming entity that is Skynet (aka and if Dr MN should be allowed to continue in the Tiko world (a yes given his new Clooney-esq avatar (ps his membership was never really discussed, the group be too boring without him)).

Following a filling meal and good words, we commemorated the occasion with picture taking and music to the sounds of the banana song.

Finally we said our farewells as I braved back up snow hill to my chariot and home. Who knows where the next BOMTTU bunfight summit will be and who will join. Will you?