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AccuRx for your GP Practice

AccuRx for your practice

Do you want to learn more about AccuRx – the software to help practices communicate better with patients via text message and save yourself time, workload and increase income- of course so watch here with our walkthrough with Ben Spiro of AccuRx.

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In this episode, Ben Spiro of AccuRx shows us what AccuRx is, how it works, why it is so easy to use and how it can save you time and earn a practice more income while providing better patient communication. 

Oh, and it is free for the basic part!

Here is what we cover:

01:40 What is AccuRx?

02:35 What is Florey?

04:14 How does direct SMS work?

05:40 DrGandalf’s tips and templates

08:20 Is AccuRx really free?

09:10 What is Pathways?

09:56 Sort your QoF QI -and reduce your workload and improve your safety with patients.

11:10 What about GDPR- is AccuRx compliant? more details:

13:00 AccuRx or MJOG- what is the difference?

14:04 What is the future of AccuRx?

15:12 What is the cost of AccuRx + or the premium version?

17:25 Where is the best place to keep the AccuRx tab? What do you think- leave a comment below!

Links to help use AccuRx for your practice

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AccuRx youtube channel:

I have no financial affiliates with AccuRx- I am just a massive fan. 

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