The Consultation reflection

What follows is my reflections of the consultation module I participated in, as part of my PG Cert for education in primary care.


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Created on Friday, 02/11/2011 12:48 PM by Hussain Gandhi

This essay , I loved writing it. I will admit the critique elements desired may not be as evident as what others may provide, and that I was warned that writing a model may not allow me to offer a valuable critique; but I just had to do it.

I do stand by what I have written, be it write or wrong, and probably a little pretentious as well. I have not been working long and to write my own model speaks of immaturity. But writing it made me feel so engaged in a topic, something I have struggled to find within this course. I found myself reading books on various models, researching and valuing the information I could take int.

Comparing the various models existing and integrating them within my own, adding my slant on how I consult, and the impact it can have was engaging, looking at modern pressures and commenting on how they need to be brought into the consultation models, was poignant to me, and I know this essay to be done more appropriately needed a larger word limit to especially bring in the critique I had planned, but again at the cost of my mark I just wanted to get my thoughts on paper, my ideas to be verbalized and noted.


I am probably wrong with what I have done, and I will probably pay for it with my mark, But my god i had fun writing it!


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Created on Friday, 02/11/2011 12:40 PM by Hussain Gandhi
Updated on Friday, 02/11/2011 12:49 PM by Hussain Gandhi

Writing this reflection i found a slight challenge, mainly due to the fact that i think i got bogged down with analysing the various consultation models and how they linked to my own style, and making a comparison. In terms of reflecting on my actions, felt i probably struggled to write how i could improve, or do things differently as there was an element of uncertainty in myself.

However for me, the key thing i felt i learnt was that Pendleton was not my consultation style compared to my previous feedback and views. That my time locuming , pressures of work etc had changed my style, making it probably even more task based.

I guess I have seen the consultation as a battle ground, me against the patients at times, and though more so in some other recent consultations, reflecting on this aspect has caught me up short. This is not commented in the reflection as it is meant to be about the consultation shown and not how subsequent or other consultations have gone since.

I know since reflecting and writing this commentary, that I have pushed myself to be less focused on the task at hand, and using and developing my own style, reflected in my views on the essay about the consultation model.

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Created on Friday, 02/11/2011 12:30 PM by Hussain Gandhi

this day i found to be a little more informative, but at the same time a little mundane

not because the teaching wasn’t excellent.

coming recently off training, the whole poems and ethereal thinking that comes with analysing consultations in particular ways, always frustrated me, so i have to admit I hated the poems.

The next part of using simulated patients, again for me was not a foreign concept, so participating was fairly easy, again, seeing others struggle with the idea of simulated patients and participating was actually a little fun. I didnt want to take the doctor seat for the reason that i have had plenty of experience with simulated patients and didnt feel would benefit me as much as others having that experience. But engaging in the analysis was fun, observing the skills and highlighting good and bad points, and using my grey matter to look at alternate consultation methods, i found confirmed my desire to be a trainer and to be able to do that with a developing GP mind.

The final session on discussing the papers was engaging, though i do feel the structure needs changing, use via the boards in a more piecemeal way would be idea, as felt the papers i have read few others had, and meant having a discussion on them harder.

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Created on Friday, 02/04/2011 1:51 PM by Hussain Gandhi

observing my video via ALOBA was a different experience.


Nomrally in the past via COTs and VTS shows, it has always been using a structured template to grade myself against, whilst i always found the word pictures used a bit fluffy, i found it a worthwhile process and one i engaged with.


In this setting, personally i found ALOBA.frustrating. Being asked what i thought and how it made me consider my actions before during and after , was just……..difficult. I am quite matter of fact and one to believe i present my findings and leave others to interpret them, and the ALOBA I felt pushed me to unease with that process, not in a bad way but one that was………different.


the content of my video was about focusing on health promotion and how i performed at it, The lady in question was not less keen on dealing with her smoking than her ear, but with gentle pushing , I feel i was able to at least highlight my doctor centredness ideals onto her, with a view from changing her thought patterns on smoking from possible denial to precontemplation. One thing I found useful that the session reminded me of the cycle of change, from denial to pre/contemplation and change etc. Since I have read on the topic again, but have to admit was not a model I had used previously when considering how to help adjust people into thinking about their smoking.

The video also highlighted the different consultations styles used at any given point, particularly BARD which up until this day i had no understanding off. Through the musings in my mind of analysing my video and also seeing others, it began the process of my own consultation model which is seen in my essay. So in terms of outcomes, fairly positive, a new consultation model, and my own increased understanding of other models, and wheel of change !

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Created on Friday, 02/04/2011 1:37 PM by Hussain Gandhi

first off i apologize for the delay in entries, due to circumstances with my wife am delayed in getting this stuff on here


The first day I found intriguing, and challenging, but most of all engaging. From the experience of educational theory my mind was dulled and bored, but analysing the consultation as a process really speaks to me.


The session on reviewing peoples consultations i found valuble esp seeing my own, havin the opportunity is something i have done over and over with COTs and VTS work, but more seeing others that have not had this experience it, the vulnerabilities and how much it brought out was gratifying almost.

my video is analyzed in a separate entry but  of when looking at others, i particularly found the ALOBA process helpful, again something i have not come across in the past, and its use to understand  how a consultation can be used to improve understanding and the analysis of it appropriate even.


The discussions on the papers we read, highlighted the consultation styles of which from my view Pendleton is probably more what i follow as i am a task orientated person, though understandings of BARD and the Calgary Cambridge model were of use, especially learning that it is that model that medical students are taught, but then as a trainee it has less importance.

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