Digital Primary Care

This page is a dashboard for Digital Primary Care resources for GPs and other primary care staff. It includes links to consultation tools, productivity, patient support tools and more.

Consultation tools

How we consult is rapidly changing. At the time of writing this page is the Coronavirus outbreak that has shifted the way primary care functions. This video below explains the key shifts with links to further information to help you. Further COVID specific resources are next.

For further resources use these links with details guides on how to consult via a digital interface.

Quick telephone consultation tips for GPs and primary care
Quick telephone consultation tips
Top 5 tips for video consultations in primary care
Video consultations: top 5 tips for doctors
Poor Webside Manner and how to fix it.
Respiratory exam by video consultation
How to use Systm one user guide

Other resources

Here is a collection of other video consultation resources:

Consultations guide for practices:

Video consultation, not just the tech:

Free Remote consultation  Red Whale Webinar:

Using accuRx

AccuRx is a great tool that provides many tools to help you in practice. This includes video consultations, sending documents to patients and receiving information back like photos and more.

Check out our AccuRx playlist for all our support resources including how to sign up and send med3s.

Send documents like med3s and path forms quickly and easily to patients using accurx and text messaging.
Send Med3s electronically
AccuRx for your pracitce
Using AcuuRx playlist

COVID tips

Here is some targeted content for COVID support. See below for digital primary care resources you can share with patients, including my practice Twitter account and eGPlearning Facebook page from which you can share the information I generate for clinicians and patients.

Assessing coronavirus by video consultation the evidence with Dr Trisha Greenhalgh
GP Training during COVID19 - Ask Jeeves
GP Training during COVID19 – Ask Jeeves

Productivity tools

Digital primary care and help your productivity and may improve your work-life balance, but in General Practice this can be difficult. These resources offer support at looking at how you work and what can be done to help ease your workload.

Improve your productivity in General Practice in a clinical or leadership role
Improve your productivity in General Practice
How to work quicker in general practice using technology - our Top 10 tips
How to work quicker in primary care using technology
How to type FASTER using Keybr
How to sync your Clarity TeamNet calendar with Outlook

A key area I feel productivity can be improved is with meetings. These resources will show you how you can use online meetings to improve your practice productivity and lots of resources to help you further.

How to start a meeting in Zoom (2019) for an amazing web meeting

MS Teams for NHS

The NHS has a 3-month universal offer to use MS Teams to help remote working. Register using your email address and this video shows you how. More detailed guides due soon.

And below is a walkthrough guide on how to use MS Teams with me, Andy and the amazing Dr Matt Beddoe.

How to us MS teams in general practice- a walk through guide for GPs and their teams

Patient support tools

Having tools to support patients with digital primary care can make the practice experience easier. Below is a collection of videos hosted on YouTube that relate directly to patient support information such as how to have a video consultation, registering with the NHS app and more. You can share these directly via your practice websites or even send the links directly to patients using SMS or apps to help guide them through the process.

A walkthrough guide on how to register with the NHS app.
Online patient consultations, here is my top 5 tips to get the most out of your consutlation
How to register with your local GP (2019)

Social media

There are loads of ways social media can help you as a clinician or practice. Below is a selection of key posts that can support you individually or from your practice. For a full list, use the tag here.

A guide to using social media for your GP or medical Practice
Top tips using social media as a GP or medical practice
Social Media Guidance for Doctors and clinicians: pre-SCRIBE
How to change your privacy settings for social media: Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn - a doctors guide.