ORCHA and eGPlearning

Use ORCHA to help engage in digital primary care with eGPlearning.

We have negotiated an amazing offer for all of our eGPlearners. Sign up to ORCHA using the link below and get three months free access to the professional license that allows you to prescribe apps to patients as a clinician. 

If you want to learn more about ORCHA watch the video below

https://youtu.be/K3wjjja8y2g Sign me up to ORCHA for FREE

If you want to learn more about ORCHA watch either of the videos below. 

The first is our eGPlearning Podblast Interview with the CEO of ORCHA – Liz Ashall-Payne who was awarded the Tech CEO of the year award for 2019. We hear about her journey to create ORCHA, the value of solving a problem, how ORCHA reviews apps to make them safe for patients and clinicians, like the BNF of apps and how you can use ORCHA as a clinician. 

Following this, watch the walkthrough version of the clinician interface of using ORCHA to see how you can actually prescribe an app to a patient as part of the eGPlearning TipThursday (available from 18.4.19). 


Please note, if you sign up after the trial eGPlearning does get a small affiliate amount (at no cost to you) for you using this service. Thank you for supporting the work we do.