News flash from the Middle Earth Gazette on the NHS

News flash from the Middle Earth Gazette.

Today Daivd Camreon announces along with Jermeey Hnut that as part of their campaign pledge to bring 7 day service to the NHS they will fund primary care with an additional ring-fenced budget of £5 billion.

When asked, the Prime Minister commented:

‘Last election we pledged to not have a top down reform of our healthcare system. We did not keep our word. As a result this time we are pledging to create a true 7 day service and are backing our pledge with the appropriate funds to enable it ‘

When asked where the funds were to be taken from, Secretary of State for Health Jermeey Hnut stated:

‘When we analysed that we are committing to a 35% workload increase in primary care, we realised the funds needed would be significant. This would need to cover weekend rates, infrastructure changes and various resources.  As a result we have taken the money from the MP expenses fund.’

We tried to contact Shadow minister for Health Adny Burhnam, but he was unavailable for comment. His office stated he would be available in the next 48 hours.



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