MobiMOOC- closing

Wow this is harder than I thought.

Writing a blog on my learning experiences sounded like a simple task, I write my thoughts and interactions down on a daily basis, yet in continuing with this blog I really struggled.

Admittedly time was a huge factor. Life, Marrakesh bombings (yes I was there near the square at the time)  and work invariably intruded into my ability to formalise the thought processes, make them coherent ramblings and put them down in a veritable ‘pen and paper’ format.


So that is why we jump from week 3 to the end.

I must say I loved participating in this MOOC. It opened up a new self-directed but facilitated way of learning, that allowed me breadth to discover new learning methods while giving me structure to keep on topic.

Engaging with other participants also allowed me to engage in the social side of learning, which I felt has lacked from my previous efforts of self-directed learning.


The mobile aim was really fun, discovering new methods of learning like groups, twitter, linking with ideas and the various other methods in existence showed me there is so much out there.

I did however find it an overwhelming experience at times.  The sheer information overload was immense, and at times keeping up with everything was just bringing me to my knees. I found the dip in format much easier and sticking to just a couple of mediums to gain the information the best route than trying to see everything.


I enjoyed this MOOC and ma looking forward to the next, I do feel it is a format to be used in education and will be looking at ways to introduce this style of learning in my day job.


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