The RCGP is a member organisation. As members we have the right to expect our college to work for us. Lately I feel the college seems distant.
With growing workload, pressure from the Government and secondary care to do more and patient expectations rising, I propose we need change.

The RCGP needs to do more to back its members. It needs to educate, communicate and back primary care (1care):
• Communicating the true benefits of membership and ensuring the RCGP offers value to ALL GPs, not just an eportfolio.
• Set standards on real primary care issues so we can work in our patients best interests while avoiding burnout.
• Backing our local faculties- the true body of the college, allowing appropriate capitation and support, moving away from a London-centric image.
• Showing students and AiTs that primary care is not just a lifestyle choice of medicine and that ANY doctor has an equal chance of being accredited.
• Helping those at the start (First5) and at the end of their career with guidance, networking and mentorship.
• Transparent communication: of council policy and workings.
• Support innovation and enthusiasm.

Hearing from colleagues their frustrations and challenges as above, I am keen to represent my colleagues, the students and AiTs I train, my First5 peers and members locally and nationally that I have learned from, that constantly validate why our profession is the most respected in the country.

I propose change.

I propose #1careRevolution – Education, communication and backing primary care.

Dr Hussain Gandhi



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