Educational Theory Reflection

What follows is my reflections of the educational theory module I participated in, as part of my PG Cert for education in primary care.

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Created on Friday, 12/10/2010 5:50 PM by Hussain Gandhi

This essay has brought up feelings in myself I have not experienced in a while. Simply put I hated it.

The topic matter i found unbelievably boring and dry, the task ( I will admit to my own undoing) taking on an expectation of the course that is not applicable to all, and most of all, i just didnt like it.

the essay topic frustrated me, taking advantage of people already in teaching posts, which I unfortunately am not in till the new year. As a result my options were to use a session I have taught on and talk about adapting my method in line with the theory, or make one up. I apologize but my integrity and moral compass just screamed against making one up so leaving me with a more challenging topic.


As such I struggled to integrate the ideals of the essay with my topic. i did find some of the theory particular learning needs, and the assessment part intuitive and concise and blooms work stimulating, but found the rest of it just mirrored common sense and comparing ideals that appear to me to be common sense just…pointless


I appreciate i may not have the grasp of the theory expected at this level and i may have just been naive in the work, but I am glad for now it is over, though have no delusions that i will be re-writing it soon!




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Created on Friday, 12/10/2010 3:40 PM by Hussain Gandhi

well essay is done, and now sitting here (first available opportunity since handing it in) able to write up how this module has changed me

well it has, and that does surpise me a little.

I have been looking at teaching opportunities especially with a view to blooms taxonomy, with using its ideals, verbs (though i can never remember half of which is where) and also remembering all the elements of assessment being in line with teaching.


a case in point was a discussion with a colleague who didnt train as a GP through the current system, who reflected how he finds all the assessments for GP training pointless and dont necessarily make better doctors, though i defend the course(me being from it) I found in some senses agreeing as the assessment while appropriate do not fit with all aspects of alignment, and its how they are done that is more important rather than numbers or tick boxing as is evident in some areas of GP training.


I feel the theory has helped me as much as it pains to say it, glad i did the course, but also still find it drab and mind numbing im afraid


it has however changed my practice, given me a new perspective on teaching and await tenatively to find out when I have to rewrite my essay ( see essay reflection)

precourse reading- evaluation (permalink) –edit history delete
Created on Sunday, 09/26/2010 8:17 PM by Hussain Gandhi

this article discussed the importance and methods of evaluation in learning, how it is important to include students and teachers in this endeavour, but also how it is important in feedback, audit and enhancement of teaching deliverance

i found the engagement theories for students interesting, something not always done, but having and using the resource of students to enhance the cycle i feel is very important, best way to get feedback




precourse reading- web based learning (permalink) –edit history delete
Created on Sunday, 09/26/2010 8:10 PM by Hussain Gandhi

a rather basic article in my opinion, whilst outlying the different methods of web based learning and how it has adapted distance learning, it focusses on the negatives of equipment issues as a main point

whilst this is a consideration, i feel it is a lesser one as technology is rapidly developing so that a lot can even be done via phone ( yes this post is done via my phone), in my opinion the major limitation is the user interface for most systems, ie for me, trying to input a discussion based feed was limited in that it wouldn’t let me input at all for 10 mins


distance based learning is rapidly developing with the web, this course itself is a testimony to that fact. I look forward to developing it further and also in my workplace and endeavours in GP training and ATFellowship

precourse reading- written assessment (permalink) –edit history delete
Created on Sunday, 09/26/2010 8:02 PM by Hussain Gandhi

this article described the different methods of written assessment, fairly simplistic but quite enjoyed the fact it details not just the uses of each but also other considerations ie cost


personally i find extended matching questions most apporpriate, case based ones too

looking forward to making my own however, always have enjoyed being a quiz master 🙂

precourse reading- curriculam design (permalink) –edit history delete
Created on Sunday, 09/26/2010 7:56 PM by Hussain Gandhi

an intricate article, denoting curriculam motives design and methods, for myself alot of the theories explain the rationale behind the curriculams I myself have been subjected to after completing medical school and most recently MRCGP

the objective based elements i find whilst broad and allowing greater coverage of topics, do unfortunatley  at times be obtuse and so broad that specific details are needed

all i can say though is i hope i dont have to design a curriculam

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