Away is the manager

An Xmas diddy:

Away is the manager,
no trolley for a bed.
The Out of Hours GP,
laid down his tired head.
CQC in the bright sky,
tried probing him as he lay
The poor working GP,
prayed for sleep and for play.

Patient demand is growing,
GPs still are awake.
But the frazzled poor GP,
no crying he makes.
‘I need you my GP;
look here at my stye!’
And stay here for me to
call ’til morning is nigh.

Be there for me GP,
I ask you to stay.
Close by me for ever,
and heal me, I say.
‘I pay all of my taxes,
so I want the best care.
If not I’ll vote for Cameron
so you’ll always be there.’

(with thanks to Dr Santa D)

Educate, communicate, back primary care. #1careRevolution

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