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  • Sophie

    It was good to have an explanation of primary, secondary and tertairy care. Helped me to clarify why the government are wanting to move finances to the GP surgeries.

  • lucy

    very interesting teaching session, explained what i wanted to know about primary care. Great explanation of primary and secondary care.

  • Katrina

    good insight into patient journey and procedure required for them to go through to achieve optimum health. Helps understanding towards patient frustrations.

  • James 5th year med student

    Interesting session which fitted in well with my primary care placement. Useful to see and understand the roles of primary care in the health care system. Dr Gandi was excellent in his delivery and explanations of the teaching material.

  • John Walls

    Interesting insight into primary care and patient journeys. Not entirely relevant as by 5th year all students have worked in primary care before.

  • Sachini

    Useful pre-amble and introduction into the placement.
    Useful to consider patient journeys, the frustrations they may encounter and also how my role and actions may improve/worsen this.