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  • Sarah Kolb

    was good to get some case based teaching on renal. teaching on this subject usually revolves around the complicated pathophysiology of renal medicine so to go through some cases was good practice for potential OSCE stations. Dr Gandhi gave concise, simple pathophysiological explanations if they were needed during the discussions about blood results etc. Time was limited -a few more cases would be good if extra time had been available.

  • Liz Doxford-Hook

    I really appreciated the teaching on renal. It tied my knowledge from 4th year on specialities in with the general practice session. Dr Gandhi gave the presentation in a good way, perhaps more explaination of the pathophysiology in some areas may improve my knowledge, for example, a quick overview of the types of kidney disease – however, I understand this may take a whole other session. Perhaps set some ‘homework’ for the students to do to learn a specific topic can promote learning.

  • James (5th year)

    I thought the case based style was a good approach to provide the learning points. The session was quite interactive which made it more intersting. A longer sessions may have been useful.