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  • Liz Doxford-Hook

    The use of visual aids in this presentation was great. seeing the different presentations of eye pathology really helped me to understand the serious possibilities of red eye. More could have been said about the link to autoimmune causes.

  • James (5th year)

    This was a good session which provided me with a refresher of some knowledge and also taught me a good amount of new information about this topic. I thought it was useful to start with some anatomy of the eye.

  • Sarah Kolb

    good anatomy recap first to begin the session, otherwise would have been difficult to remeber which cases referred to which part of the eye! collection of images displayed the numerous presentations of red eye together. then going through each image as a case was good to link with management. red flags were good reminders. maybe bit more on investigtions (how does a slit lamp help?)

  • Vicky Honour

    A good insight into the different causes of red eye and recommended treatments. The anatomy of the eye also was useful as an introduction to the different parts of the eye can be affected.

  • Vicky Honour

    I found this session interesting and a good introduction into the different conditions of the eye and relating them to A&P. I was particularly shocked at the picture of untreated glaucoma!

  • Kathryn Marlow

    Interesting session, found the introduction useful on the anatomy of the eye in order to understand how the different conditions affect different parts of the eye. Also the images showing how the different conditions present.