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  • katrina

    very informative, as a nurse, i valued learning the guidance from policies and reasoning behind hypertension and was not simply taught to take a reading as i already knew how to do this. I think this lesson is important for qualified nurses ars well as students.

  • ganna

    very interesting session about hypertension, learnt new things avout it, find it is very helpful for as a student nurse

  • John Walls

    Useful presentation on hypertension. Pitched at a good level. Included new guidelines to bring us up to date. Could have included more audio/visual resources e.g. pictures from fundoscopy

  • Francesca

    Good, very topical and up-to date, simple and to the point.
    Could have made it more interesting perhaps with more visual aids

  • Vicky Honour

    This presentation highlighted the new guidelines for treating hypertension, which I was unaware of. I also learnt about the portal and pulmonary hypertension, terms that I have heard before but didn’t have an understanding of it.

  • Sachini

    Useful for update on the new guidlines and general revision of hypertension.
    Presented at a good level and succinct.