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  • Sarah Kolb

    Again good case based dsicussions. It is useful to go through each case from start to finish in a logical manner – from signs and symptoms to diagnosis, investigations and management. We always feel our pharmacology teaching at Leeds is poor so its useful to go through cases and relate them to their relevant drug treatments. Dr Gandhi makes a good point of knowing both the drugs’ trade names and pharmacological names which can often be confusing. His teaching emphasises the important questions to remember for a specific system to be able to differentiate between diagnoses for a patient.

  • Liz Doxford-Hook

    Gastro is an area that I feel the least comfortable with. This teaching session gave me an opportunity to review my knowledge and also put it to the test. The case set up works well for my styl eof learning as I can, in a safe environment, try to put my thoughts of differential diagnoses into practice whilse obtaining the history. There is no pressure to get the right answer but the thought process of working it out. 5th year seems to be about buillding upon the knowledge gained in 3rd year when we last did general medicine and this was a good opportunity to refresh concepts.

  • James (5th year)

    Good presentation with interesting cases that related to general practice. Dr Gandhi provided clear explanations, offers time to ask questions and has an excellent approach to his teaching.