Neurology and Mental health

Oh my head!!!


SIGN have a good resource in terms of diagnosis and management of headache. Here is the quick reference guideline.

Neural pathways can be confusing, to help illustrate these try the National geographic 3D brain, a fun and informative model for doctor or patient education. A more portable version is 3D Brain an iOS app for the iPad and iPhone.

Depression: can be a challenge, here are some online resources that may help in those tough spots:

Living life to the full is a versatile online CBT resource

MoodGYM is a similar resource even supported by NICE!!!
For the more difficult aspect of switching antidepressants, try the excellent resource from MIMS:

Substance misuse particularly alcohol make managing mental health difficult. Here are two resources to use as brief interventions
Tips for sensible drinking
Tips for cutting down
Learning difficulties: can be very challenging.

A recent resource is Netbuddy with health resource links tailored for those with learning difficulties. The general health/ resources section is particularly handy.